Watkins and the Rapiers


Watkins and the Rapiers

Watkins and The Rapiers: Holiday Storybook
8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19
Tickets available HERE and at the Box Office

The Origins of the Watkins Christmas Show: Bass/guitarist/vocalist Kerry Regan has written Christmas songs since the 1970s, and the band first performed holiday tunes live in 1997.

In 1998, the band’s four songwriters wrote enough songs for a full-on Christmas show. That year the group had 11 original holiday songs. These tunes form the core of a Christmas repertoire that Watkins revisits, augments, and adds to every December for the now annual Christmas show. Today, Watkins has over 70 holiday songs. Song titles include, “Do Something Kinda Vaguely Good for Christmas,” “Arise Ye North Pole Workers,” “Open Enrollment Period Waltz,” and more.

In December 2016, the band debuted It’s Christmas in December as part of The Little Concert Series.Watkins will perform every Monday in December at The Little Cafe.

More: The sound of Watkins and the Rapiers is an amalgamation of different genres. The dynamic group describes its sound as folk music with a beat and Americana flavoring.

The band has been rocking out in the Greater Rochester area since January 1996. the group's first album was released in a year later, in 1997. Watkins and the Rapiers Little debut was in 2009.