Quarantine Cat Film Festival

Quarantine Cat Film Festival

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The Little is dedicating this presentation to Ari. Rest in peace, sweet girl.

Independent Cinemas Need Your Cat Videos
Now that we are all quarantined at home with our cats, let us use this time to raise money for independent cinemas across the country. Videos selected will be joined with others, becoming the Quarantine Cat Film Festival, organized by Row House Cinema in Pittsburgh. Your local cinema, through their online virtual theater, will sell tickets to the film, and receive 50% of the net proceeds. With your help, we are hoping cats will help to save independent movie theaters through this unprecedented quarantine.

When Will This Be Available To Watch?
We are looking to release the Quarantine Cat Film Festival in virtural theaters June 19th, 2020. Compiled exclusively from videos submitted by cat owners, this festival will be comprised of the funniest and cutest cat videos for everyone to enjoy! This 70-minute long compilation will be the most purr-fect, a-meow-zing, and totally fur-tastic cat videos anyone has ever seen!