O's Pipa at the Virtual Little Cafe

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O's Pipa at the Virtual Little Cafe

Classically trained, Leah Ou began playing pipa 20 years ago. A performer and teacher in China, Leah has devoted herself to musical exploration, so as to help usher this timeless instrument into a new musical age. Her move to Rochester has sparked her interest in bridging the gap between traditional Chinese folk and American music. Her past show includes Opening for Hidden Garden Concert at George Eastman Museum for Ben Morey in 2017, O's Pipa Concert in Rochester Guitar Club in 2018. O's Pipa with Katie Preston in The Little Cafe Music in 2019.

The Pipa: The pipa dates back almost 2000 years, being popular in China since around 618AD.Modern pipa compositions are often characterized by five finger tremolo, note bending into the deep frets, percussive plucking of string and its notably bright sound.
Past works: ospipa.bandcamp.com