Benny Bleu and Max Flansburg at the Virtual Little Cafe

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Benny Bleu and Max Flansburg at the Virtual Little Cafe


Benny Bleu sees the world through the eyes of a scientist. While studying geology at Cornell and USC, he learned to feed the flame of curiosity that burns deep within. This applies no less to the soundscape he grew up in than to the landscape. As a geologist, Benny can tell you how the influence of the mountains of old Appalachia have shaped his homeland, the Finger Lakes region of New York State. As a banjo player, he can show you how the music has too. His career is dedicated to purveying honest acoustic roots music, not for the sake of revival, but as a living, breathing community experience in the here and now.

He is joined by Max Flansburg for this show, an up-and-coming star of the Finger Lakes roots music scene.  Max is the guitarist for two bands making waves in the world of bluegrass music, Dirty Blanket and Heatwave, and he writes poignant songs that speak of our times from a compassionate and honest point of view.  Check out this latest video of Max's song 'Long Hard Year' featuring Benny on banjo and Little Theatre favorite Aaron Lipp on fiddle: