Reverend Kingfish

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Reverend Kingfish



Reverend Kingfish inhabits a dream land where dusk and dawn have no boundary, where the sliver of time that separates life and death expands to encompass the universe, where human beings reveal their innermost fears and desires. Nothing is hidden from Reverend Kingfish and his music exposes all from the tawdry to the sublime. But mostly the tawdry. No subject is out of bounds for the Reverend.  Booze, violence, fornication, infidelity, death -- these are the stuff of human existence and the the inspiration for his songs.

Drawing from the traditions of blues, jazz, rockabilly, R&B, and tin pan alley, Reverend Kingfish creates a sound incorporating influences as diverse as Bessie Smith, Bob Wills, Charlie Feathers, Fats Waller, Emmett Miller, Ray Charles, Leon Redbone, Wayne Hancock, Jonathan Richman and The Cramps.

The Reverend's original music focuses on revealing all that makes us human without any gloss -- hope, failure, lust, pettiness, and generosity.