Meghan Koch and the Gentleman Callers

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Meghan Koch and the Gentleman Callers

Popular music of the last 9 decades.

It’s not so much that the band is fickle. More like omnivorous. It all starts with the remarkable Meghan Koch, voice teacher and accompanist at Rochester’s School of the Arts. As a pianist, she can play concertos, swing like Monk, or give you the pop styles of Elton John and Sara Bareilles. But it’s the voice that moves you: smooth, pure, supple and taking you to the heart of every lyric.

It’s Koch’s talent that attracted the Gentlemen. Jeff Love  provides a timeless mood with his blues/folk/classical nylon string guitar. Trombonist Pete Hasler is the secret weapon, dropping the horn to play every instrument known to mankind: flute, sax, trumpet, penny whistle, guitar, bass, triangle, you name it. Add four-part harmonies and a recovering rock rhythm section (Marty York and Adam Wilcox of The Dan Eaton Band), and you get something totally unique: swinging, lilting, tilting, fun and moving.

From Tin Pan Alley to Nashville by way of psychedelic San Fran, that’s Meghan Koch and the Gentleman Callers.