Elijah Wild

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Elijah Wild

Elijah Wild weaves together rhythmically intricate, intimate, philosophical narratives over dance-able riffs and soothing finger picking with a tasteful sprinkling of whistling, scatting, and voice trumpet.

Although he enjoys covering everything from Rage Against the Machine and Beyoncé, to a heavy dose of Bob Dylan - what really sets Elijah apart is his vast catalogue of playful, meticulously crafted originals.

After spending the last year farming and touring upstate New York with his side project, The Local Farmers Union (“farmers by day, rock-stars by early evening”), Elijah is back home in Philly recording demos for his upcoming release, Eagle Fly, which chronicles the process of his recent divorce and recommitment to music and open-hearted adventure.

Or, as he puts it:

“When I awoke I was miserable
So I set off for something to blame
And when I found it
I stomped all around it
A-dancin’ and spittin’ out flames
But when the smoke cleared I looked around
And found then how nothing had changed
So I tightened my laces
And made silly faces
And set off to find a new game.”