The Dungarees

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The Dungarees

Listen to this. The Dungarees are a group of individually talented musicians that, through a series of unusual events and love of denim, became The Dungarees. It's a good thing there were a couple of singers, guitar players, a fiddle player, a drummer, and a bass and mandolin player. Fate works that way sometimes. They found themselves together and creating amazing music.

The Dungarees' music ranges from Americana to Classic Rock to Original tunes, and Celtic music… but maybe don't listen to that one about the leprechaun. Just a warning.

"You can drink it by the shot or you can drink it by the pail, you can drink it by the keg, but you might end up in jail… Whisky." - Billy McKee, The Dungarees

Hang on and listen to the incredible voice of lead singer and guitarist, Billy McKee. He writes music and sings and sings and sings. And nobody ever gets tired of listening. Oh, and he likes Whisky.

Pay attention and you'll hear the sweet tones, from both the fiddle and voice, of Karen Flack, an accomplished musician who has played with more famous musicians than we can count. And she has an awesome Jack Daniels belt buckle.

Take note of Johnny G, the guitar man. Everybody loves a good guitar solo. His solos are better than good. He has played with some famous acts as well, but he likes it better here with us.

Yes, that's Steve Wright on the bass and mandolin. Not at the same time, although that would be pretty cool. He's laid back and into the music. He's played for lots of years, but probably doesn't want to say how many.

Peek around to the back and you'll see Joe Distefano on percussion. He's played drums his whole life. When he doesn't have drums, he's tapping on his legs, a table, countertops, small children, or whatever is handy. The man just loves to play the beat.

Together, their individuality meshes into just the right blend: The Dungarees. Come sit a spell and listen. Bring a friend or two… or more. The Dungarees will share their music with you. They're cool like that.