Fringe Festival: Resonant Freqs: Surveying the Spectrum


The Resonant Freqs

Resonant Freqs paints musical pictures with folk, blues, worldbeat, jazz, and pop colors. Think The Wood Brothers meet The Police. Improvisation, soulful vocals and harmonies, rhythm and groove for days. Ballads that whisper, foot stompers that crush.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Babak Elahi fronts and writes. Musical adventurer Jay Alan Jackson brings the rhythm. Adam Wilcox provides the low end on fretless bass, with occasional vocals and songs. It’s a traditional power trio gone post-modern. Get Freq-y.

Resonant Freqs is a unique musical group of “interactivators,” whose mission on this planet is (as far as they've been able to fathom) to create good vibes by closely engaging their audiences as participants in wide ranging ”X-along" songs and routines (where X is an element of the ever-expanding set {clap, rap, snap, sing, shake, dance, hop, skip, jump, laugh, . . . })