Veloce Come ll Vento


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Veloce Come ll Vento (Italian Race)

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the Italian Film Series series.




Not Rated

About the Film:

The passion for engines has always been in the veins of Giulia De Martino. It comes from a family that for generations has been driving automotive champions. She is also a pilot, an exceptional talent who at the age of seventeen is taking part in the GT Championship, under the guidance of her father Mario. But one day everything changes and Giulia is faced with the track and the life alone.

To complicate the situation the unexpected return of Brother Loris, a former pilot who is now totally unreliable, but with an extraordinary sixth sense for driving. They will be forced to work together, in a succession of adrenaline and emotions that will make him discover how difficult and important it is to try to be a family.

Directed by Matteo Rovere

Writtten by Matteo Rovere, Filippo Gravino and Francesca Manieri


Laura Morante as Flavia
Piera Degli Esposti as Dott.ssa Grunewald
Francesco Pannofino as Gerardo
Gigio Alberti as Willy
Lambert Wilson as Michele
Marco Giallini as Mauro
Emanuela Grimalda as Giusi