Forró Estrelas do Norte at the Virtual Little Cafe

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Forró Estrelas do Norte at the Virtual Little Cafe


Up-tempo, down-home string band music from Northeast Brazil featuring tight harmonies and irresistible dance rhythms, “Forró Estrelas do Norte” (North Stars Forró) was formed in 2019 to bring the popular dance music of the Brazilian Northeast to Rochester NY.

Forró comes from Brazil’s arid, cattle-ranching backlands. You could say it’s a kind of “country music,” but with the distinctive rhythms you’d expect from Brazilian dance tunes. The term “forró” (pron. “fo-HAW”) probably comes from “forrobodó,” the Afro-Brazilian word for a party, although some think it comes from the “For All” dances that British railroad companies used to organize in rural areas. Song lyrics often address the hardships of migration and the loss of rural tradition, but love, seduction, and the sensuality of partner dancing are also common themes.

Forró is mainly known to the world as accordion music, however, our lineup features fiddle and is inspired by the “forró de rabeca” tradition of Pernambuco state.