Brian Mulligan and the Lonesome Angels

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The Little Cafe will close at 7 p.m. tonight (1/19). The theaters will remain open throughout the night.


Brian Mulligan and the Lonesome Angels

The music of The Lonesome Angels is like an electronic magazine. You will hear original songs about politics, the environment, the history of our nation, all under the guise of folk music, country music, bluegrass and Rock n Roll.

Bill Blanchard, guitarist and songwriter for the Lonesome Angles, joined the band in 2013. Bill taught himself how to play guitar when he was 12 years old.  The Gibson Country Western guitar he plays is the same one both his brothers used during their high school years.  He took it over when he was 14 and it has been his main guitar ever since.  Bill enjoys playing a variety of music.  He first played in a band in Jamestown, NY, where he grew up, called Red Brick Road. In Rochester he hooked up with Wes Perkins to join Red Drum. He works in Rochester, NY as a chiropractor.

Brian Mulligan, Founder of the Lonesome Angels, has been playing multiple instruments since he was a teenager. His inspiration comes from his father, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons, and as an adult, Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler.  He often woke up in the mornings of his adolescent years with his headphones on and the turntable still spinning.  He studied guitar with Dick Longale back in the 70,s learning guitar theory and studied three years with Kinloch Nelson of Hochstein Music School, learning classical guitar.

Mark DeSalvo, drummer, comes from a musical family. He started playing drums when he was three years old. He is a jazz drummer with rock influences. He's been playing with bands such as Blue Axi and Turning Colors in the Western New York area for years. 


Dan Brewer, bassist, has been playing his Rickenbacker bass for 20 years. He also played in the band Turning Colors with Mark DeSalvo and joined The Lonesome Angels in fall of 2017.