The Prestons

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The Prestons

The Prestons are Dave and Katie Preston, a father/daughter songwriting duo.

Dave Preston is known by many kids in the Rochester Area as Mr. Dave. He’s been entertaining the pre-school set for several years, visiting Child Care centers with his friend and puppeteer, Bev Compertore. Some of his songs, like “The Boo Boo Dance”; “The Munchkin Express”; “Howard” and “I Don’t Like Snakes,” have been known to bring about extreme cases of the giggles among kids and grownups alike. Dave has years of experience in writing songs, playing solo and in bands and even singing in a Barbershop Quartet.

Katie Preston is quickly making a name for herself on the Rochester music scene. Having played, sung and written music for Paul’s Grandfather, Cottage Jefferson and others, she now is finding a growing, enthusiastic fan base for her newest venture, Pleistocene – a very popular punk band. Katie is also known as a very accomplished solo artist in the area, performing a multitude of styles ranging from jazz to classic rock and everything between.