Italian Film Series: Neve (Snowscape)


Neve (Snowscape)

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Part of the Italian Film Series series.




Not Rated

About the Film:

Part of Rochester's Italian Film Series

On a wintry road trip, two people with mysterious backgrounds join forces. Donato is a prison nurse on a driving holiday; stopping off for a roadside snooze, he gives a ride to a provocatively dressed woman named Norah. She’s on the run from a man sending threatening text messages while Donato has secrets of his own involving a decades-old robbery. Director Stefano Incerti (Gorbaciof, NIC 2013) keeps the audience guessing at to the motivations of each of the protagonists as the film progresses; are the characters falling for one another or are they seeking some kind of material gain out of the situation? Set within a wintry landscape that implies a quiet menace of its own, In the Snow offers a consistently intriguing study of lives at a crossroads.

Snowscape (Neve) - trailer