The Annie Wells Band

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The Annie Wells Band

Annie brings with her the incomparable Phil Marshall on guitar, the fabulous Mike Kaupa on trumpet, upright bass veteran, Dave Arenius on upright and stellar Roy Marshall on drums.

Frank De Blase of City Newspaper captures the spirit of the band in his review of Annie’s newest CD, “Lonely Hearts Club”:

Wells' voice is absolutely beautiful in this setting and is a study in constraint, and the band ably cops to the same M.O. It's classic singer-songwriter fare taken to the next step by the veteran rockers found here. They aren't afraid to holster the heat and play pretty for those that want to dance with their soon-to-be-sweethearts. "Lonely Hearts Club" is pretty but not too flowery; it's got moxy and sand.

Jeff Spevak wrote, “Lonely Hearts Club” is a tight, spare collection of tiny moments. The arrangements bring to mind Canadian chanteuse Holly Cole, on the edge of jazz and pop. Wells’ voice sometimes echoes Suzanne Vega, especially when she’s bringing the characters to life.

Annie's influences include Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Keith Jarrett and Billie Holiday. Since she was 17 years old, Annie has delighted audiences with her sweet and soulful vocals and jazzy piano performances in venues large and small.