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The Little and Rohrbach team together for The House of Silent Shadows Prohibition Porter

The Little has teamed up with our amazing friends at Rohrbach Brewing to create a beer (or as we call it a "magic elixir") that is both delicious, and uniquely Rochester. The beverage is scheduled to launch around the time of The Little’s 90th birthday on October 17, 2019, at The Little Cafe and at both Rohrbach locations (3859 Buffalo Road and 97 Railraod Street).

Humans of The Little: Dorothy, The Popcorn Machine

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

It was my first week at The Little when I discovered the popcorn machine has a name.

Of course it made sense that the employee who provided us with our gloriously salty, buttery super snack would have not just a name, but an entire origin story. Needless to say, this new information intrigued me.

"So, what's the name?" I asked excitedly (and probably as I shoveled a handful of popcorn into my word hole).

"She's Dorothy."

Important: Changes With The Little Business Office

As many of you know, the next phase of The Little's historic theater 1 restoration is officially underway. These renovations are throughout the entire building, including the business office. As a result, The Little Business Office will be closed Tuesday, June 25. It will be back open Wednesday, June 26 at our Winthrop Street entrance (the main entrance near our parking lot where The Little Cafe, along with theaters 2-5 are located).

The Tomorrow Man, Partially Filmed in Rochester, Opens + New Earlier Friday Showtimes

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

Tomorrow has arrived.

But first, some important matinee news: As I mentioned in The Little e-newsletter, we're opening early this Friday (and if you all love it, every Friday). Doors will open at 2:30 p.m. June 7, and the first film will screen at 3 p.m. (we're blasting off with Rocketman as the first 3 p.m. Friday flick). 

Movies and a Microphone, Episode 32: One Take Film Festival 2019 Preview

Sit back, chug some truth serum latte, and listen to this preview of the 2019 One Take Film Festival, Rochester's celebration of documentaries. Music via Guy Higgins.

The guests:
Linda Moroney, One Take Film Festival Director
Bri Merkel, Artistic Director for the Little Theatre and One Take Film Festival 
Scott Pukos, Movies and a Microphone host, fan of kittens



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