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Free Little Popcorn on Art House Theater Day

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

The tantalizing aroma hits you as soon as you walk through the doors. You grab your ticket, but you don't head to the theater just yet. This is because the popcorn machine is speaking to you - an alluring call of popping kernels and buttery bliss. This is your day, because it's Sunday, September 23, Art House Theater Day, and your little-sized popcorn is FREE.

Movies and a Microphone, Episode 29: Won't You Be Our Little Neighbor

It's a beautiful day in The Little neighborhood!

'Won't You Be My Neighbor?' is this year's true summer blockbuster, and it opens at the Little Theatre Thursday, June 21. In this episode, we recall our favorite Mister Rogers moments (including one of the best Mr. McFeely anecdotes you'll hear), and discuss why his message of kindness is as vital as ever. 


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