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Mar 31, 2014

By Robert Barlow

Are we alone in the universe? That is a question we have been asking since we first looked up into the night sky and saw millions of bright lights sparkling down on us.

With their film Another Earth, co-writer...

Mar 27, 2014

By Robert Barlow

For almost 20 years, director Wes Anderson has filled his movies with a quirkiness and style all his own. The characters in his films have reveled in that quirkiness, making it part of their DNA. Anderson’s newest film...

Mar 18, 2014

By Matt Passantino

Better Living Through Chemistry is a wicked little movie with a sharp, sometimes dark sense of humor. It could easily go unnoticed, but the film, playing until Thursday, March 20 at The Little, is offers the chance to see...

Mar 14, 2014

By Robert Barlow

What is and isn’t art has been debated ever since paint was first put to canvas. A new documentary, Tim’s Vermeer, takes that argument even further by asking if there is or isn’t a difference between an artist and an...

Mar 13, 2014

By Robert Barlow

The votes have been counted and the golden statues awarded.  Two of the biggest winners on Hollywood’s biggest night have returned this week to the Little to strut their stuff.

Best Picture winner, 12 Years a...

Mar 10, 2014

By Matt Passantino

The primary reason to take advantage of seeing Nebraska at The Little is to appreciate the gorgeous black and white cinematography by Oscar-nominated Phedon Papamichael on a big screen.

Director Alexander Payne and Papamichael...

Mar 5, 2014

Last weekend, as 1,166 fans bought tickets, selling out four of the six shows (there was one seat left for Pirate Radio), those of us who were behind the popcorn machines and box office windows had the honor of meeting a group of people who dearly love Philip Seymour Hoffman...