Jun 3, 2014

by Robert Barlow

God’s Pocket is one of only three remaining films starring Fairport native and Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman that will be released following the actor’s death. The weight of this importance, especially...

Jun 2, 2014

Both jazz music and The Little were finding their identities at the same time, throughout the 20th century and of course, they both still are. We are proud to be an official Xerox Rochester International Jazz...

May 16, 2014

By Matt Passantino

The Railway Man breaks free of the typical mold so often used by war films. Instead of trying to cover such an extensive topic in its entirety, The Railway Man focuses on one man’s story....

May 7, 2014

by Robert Barlow

When Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky set out in 1975 to make a film version of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune, he had one goal – to change the world. Even though a single frame of film was never actually shot, Jodorowsky not...

Apr 30, 2014

by Robert Barlow

There’s a moment about halfway through Under The Skin when a character literally pinches himself to make sure he isn’t dreaming, as a beautiful and mysterious woman, played by Scarlett Johansson, tries to seduce him. This...

Apr 29, 2014

By Matt Passantino

One of the great character actors, Jim Broadbent, delivers one of his finest performances in Le Week-End. Broadbent, an Oscar winner for his supporting role in Iris, rarely gets an opportunity to...

Apr 28, 2014

By Danielle Sanderson

I honestly believe that I could not have spent my Thursday night in any better way than going to see The Lunchbox.

It was an incredible movie with amazing acting and directing. It takes place in Mumbai...

Apr 16, 2014

By Rachel Henderson and Janelle Thomas

Brass horns and the clash of melody and hip-hop beats set the stage as the jazz and funk-infused film Brothers Hypnotic plays the audience into another world.

The film, which screened on...