Tucking in to The Lunchbox



Tucking in to The Lunchbox

By Danielle Sanderson

I honestly believe that I could not have spent my Thursday night in any better way than going to see The Lunchbox.

It was an incredible movie with amazing acting and directing. It takes place in Mumbai and tells a heartwarming love story of two people who meet because of India’s complex lunchbox delivery system.

When Ila (Nimrat Kaur) cannot connect with her husband Rajeeve she tries to win his love through his stomach. This proves unsuccessful when the lunchbox delivery system mistakenly delivers her food to the wrong man. Ila and Saajan (Irrfan Khan) communicate through letters they place in the lunchbox and find out that true love can be found in the most unlikely ways.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. The acting and directing really set it apart from other films. Irrafan Khan is known for popular movies including Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire and has always done a fantastic job. His character in the beginning is introverted, cold, and only speaks when he really needs too. Even through very little dialogue he does a fantastic job portraying the reason behind his demeanor. As the movie goes on and he and Ila start writing letters he slowly comes out of his shell and Irffan Khan does a fantastic job in the transition between personalities.

The director, Ritesh Batra, also did an extraordinary job in the unique way this movie unfolds.  The majority of the story is conveyed through letters, and obviously not in English. Those narrative elements only add to the experience though. The transitions between scenes were all uniquely shot so that they flowed smoothly. Ritesh Batra really knows how to pull at your heart strings while making you feel like you’re in the movie with them, going through exactly what they are.

As well as being a blogger for The Little, Danielle is a student at RIT.

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