A Trip to the Moon + International Women's Day + Little News

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A Trip to the Moon + International Women's Day + Little News

By Scott Pukos

This Friday (3/8), we're going to the moon. Seriously, we're loading our shuttle with Little Popcorn, and blasting off into the cosmos.

Our landing will be a historical one. The Little flag will proudly be planted on the unfamiliar lunar terrain. This is one small step for an art house movie theater, and one giant leap for documentary-kind.

I'm burying the lede a bit here (or shooting the lede straight to space?). What I'm saying is Apollo 11 -- a stunning look into the heart of NASA's trip to the moon in 1969 -- opens Friday, March 8. As of this writing, it's sitting at a scientifically perfect 100-percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even if that dips a bit, Apollo 11 seems to indicate a return to "The Year of the Documentary" vibes that began last year. In my opinion, a lot of 2018's top pictures were documentaries. If that trend continues, you can definitely plan to watch the top non-fiction films at The Little again this year. A good place to start is the 2019 One Take Film Festival (OTFF) April 25-28 (passes are on sale, for those interested).

Speaking of One Take ... the series' final offering before the festival is Blowin' Up on March 12 and 16. The doc follows a team of rebel heroines as they work to change the way women are arrested for prostitution are prosecuted. The Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester is a community partner with The Little on this Women's History Month screening.

For way, way too long women filmmakers have been snubbed by much of Holloywood. We're happy to say our programming goes against that decades long trend. Of the 11 One Take films screened in 2018, six were directed by women. And for OTFF 2018, about half of the documentaries screened came from women filmmakers.

Films by, and about, badass women is a year-round theme at The Little, and that continues this month. Saturday Night Rewind is bringing back a 90s hero with Buffy The Vampire Slayer on March 30, and our International Women's Day screening is ¡Las Sandinistas! at 6:15 Friday, March 8.

A Printable Schedule For You + Some News

Here's a copy of the weekly schedule for you to print out. Also, you'll see a slight change to the schedule next week because we're trying something new here at The Little. Starting next Friday (March 15), we're opening our doors at 4 p.m. (rather than 5 p.m.), and we'll have earlier showtimes (it'll be around 4:30 next week). These earlier start times will just be on Fridays. It's something we're experimenting with, so we'll be trying a few different things. As always, feedback is welcome!

This week's schedule:

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