A Trio of New Films for The Little's Nov. 6 Reopening

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A Trio of New Films for The Little's Nov. 6 Reopening

By Scott Pukos

We're just about a week away from The Little's return (cue the confetti canons). Quick recap: We reopen Friday, Nov. 6, and will be operating for three days a week for the foreseeable future (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are those days). Next week you'll see details/visuals of what exactly to expect when returning to The Little. For me, it's vital to know exactly what it will look like when I enter an establishment while we're still very much living during a pandemic. We will provide that for you, and I'm of course open to questions as well.

We'll have a smaller slate of films for the first weekend, and then add to that in the following weeks. Here's the Nov. 6-8 trio (note: As always, tickets will go on sale early next week):

Kajillionaire: A comedy/drama/mega quirky film about family, relationships, and con artists. From writer/director Miranda July; starring Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, and Debra Winger.

Following: Christopher Nolan's first film (yes, Memento was his second movie). Glorious black-and-white noir about an unemployed writer who follows strangers, hoping to meet inspiration (stalking for the sake of art = still not cool, dude!). As you may expect, things do not go as planned for the young artist in this 70-minute twisty and dark thriller.

Tenet: Nolan's newest film, which is obviously about palindromes (I know Mr. Nolan is a Little fan, so I'll point out that is a joke). The plot actually revolves around time inversion, and other cool, yet mysterious, sci-fi ideas. John David Washington stars as Protagonist (a definite power move to call your main character that — I applaud the move).

Hearing assist devices will be available (personal captioning devices plus hearing amplification headphones). All theatres, except theatre 3, have hearing loops. Open caption screenings will return as well. Those will open back up the week of Nov. 13.

If you recall we conducted a survey over the summer, and used a lot of that feedback for the reopening plan (big thanks to all who filled it out). It was pretty evenly split between people absolutely ready to return to The Little, and others who prefer to wait. That's one reason we're keeping The Virtual Little around even after we reopen. We'll try to get some of the same films to screen both in-house and virtually, but for the time being, our virtual movies will be different from those playing at The Little. You can watch them right now!

Another idea via a reader: Later in November, we'll host "no food or drink" screenings in addition to our regular shows. Masks must be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking (when you're not eating or drinking put the mask back over your mouth and nose). The idea behind the screenings without food and drink is that the masks will stay on at all times. Bonus: You will still be able to get Little Popcorn to-go! So if you pick this option, you can still enjoy that savory, delicious 'corn on the drive/walk/bike home (because let's face it, there's no way that delicious treat survives the entire journey home).

The Little Cafe will be open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well. No live music for now, but we will have a full menu of dinner and snack options, plus beer and wine.

Popcorn Pass news (third act surprise return of the confetti canon)! The passes will actually be valid for longer than 90 days. They're good through April 30, 2021. Pop. Pop, indeed. Note: Popcorn passes are no longer for sale.