Thankful for Movies & Awesome Little Supporters

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Thankful for Movies & Awesome Little Supporters

By Scott Pukos

I have homework for you. Wait, don't immediately delete this email! It's the fun, movie-related homework, I promise (absolutely no math involved). Here it is (spoiler: It's Thanksgiving related, and possibly a little cliched): What movie are you thankful for?

You need to show your work, and explain why. The movie I'm thankful for? Black Mass, the Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger film we screened at The Little in late 2015. It's not because it's one of my favorite movies (it isn't), but because of its romantic value. You may be thinking: "Wait, hold on, Scott. Whitey Bulger was a monster, and this film is literally the least romantic thing ever. Explain yourself!"

You wouldn't be wrong. I'm thankful for the film because it was a new release right at the time I launched Movies and a Microphone, The Little's podcast. I needed a guest, and it turned out there was a Johnny Depp super fan working at WXXI. This podcast, and this movie, gave me the chance to get to know an amazing person. Someone who is now my girlfriend/co-cat parent. So, Black Mass, I am very thankful for you!

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