Sneak Peek: New Little Theater 1 Seats


Sneak Peek: New Little Theater 1 Seats

By Scott Pukos
[email protected] 

It's time. Little Theater 1 will reopen at the end of the month following the restoration of the auditorium. If everything goes to schedule, theater 1 will be back open Thursday, Oct. 25.

The renovations include new seats, a new stage, new floors, ceiling, screen, sound system, and more. The historic changes don't stop there. The next phase includes changes to the lobby and concession areas. A full recap can be read here. 

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the new seats. These pictures were taken as they were installed, so this is not a complete look, but it does give you a good look at that swoon-worthy pattern. Also, your eyes do not deceive you: Those are cupholders on the back of the seat! 

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