Small but mighty, a little intern for The Little Theatre


Small but mighty, a little intern for The Little Theatre

By Nicole Morello
[email protected]

I was told on my first day I wouldn’t be called The Little Intern. Interestingly enough, the name would be an accurate description on multiple levels. I am in fact an intern at The Little, and at 5 foot, three quarters of an inch and 130 pounds; I’m not exactly a giant.

I’m a senior communication major at Roberts Wesleyan College but that’s pretty basic and doesn’t say much about me except that I like to talk a lot. My experience at Roberts is part of the reason I’ve taken such an interest in film in my brief stint as a literal young adult. I’ve taken several video classes that inspired me so much I’m currently working on a short film as part of my senior honors project. (If you’re interested at all in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour,” or film rhetoric I’ll be happy to tell you all about my project.)

My favorite movie of 2015 (and probably of all time) was Crimson Peak, which I saw three times within the span of a week. I’m incredibly squeamish so I actually closed my eyes for chunks of my first (and second) viewing so I obviously needed to see it at least once more so that I could actually SEE all of it. Naturally I preordered it on Amazon immediately after seeing it on opening night to insure that I would see it in its entirety at some point, should my low tolerance for gore hinder me from doing so during my theatrical viewings.

I’m looking forward to playing an active role in The Little community and honing some of my professional skills in an environment where enthusiasm for film is high. I’m sure some of you may run into me out and about at The Little Theatre whether I’m there professionally or recreationally (date nights are on Fridays).

If you want to know more about me you can follow me on Twitter (nicole_morello) and  Instagram (nicole.morello), or E-mail me at [email protected].