Movies Coming to The Little in March + Open Caption Tuesday News

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Movies Coming to The Little in March + Open Caption Tuesday News

By Scott Pukos

New month, lots of new movies. Maybe it's my journalism brain, or perhaps it's just the thrill of anticipation, but I'm always a person who likes to look ahead to what's next. With that said, here are some planned regular-run films for the month of March (and slightly beyond). Note: Movies could be added to this list, and this doesn't include our series or special events.

Soak in that anticipation!

Mar. 6: Greed
Mar. 6: Emma
Mar. 6: The Times of Bill Cunningham
Mar. 6: Corpus Christi (screens throughout March)
Mar. 13: Wendy
Mar. 13 (tentative): The Traitor
Mar. 20: Bacurau (ends in early April)
Mar. 27: First Cow
Apr. 3: Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Apr. 3: The Burnt Orange Heresy
Apr. 17: The Climb

I will once again emphasize that these are subject to change, and do in-fact change often. The date switching is not up to us at The Little, but we do our best to let you know when highly-anticipated movies will arrive here.

More Little News: Open Caption Tuesdays

Starting Tuesday, March 17 all movies with open caption capabilities will be shown in that format on Tuesdays. For the past year-plus we've had open caption screenings on Tuesdays, but only one or two films. Thanks to the positive reception we've received, we're going to expand to all movies having open captions on Tuesdays (I will note that some movies come to us without open caption capabilities).

What are open captions? They are captions that appear directly on screen and are visible to everyone in the theater.  If you ever have questions on the new Open Caption Tuesday events, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Here's more on accessibility at The Little.