Movies and a Microphone, Episode 10: Mermaid Mania

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Movies and a Microphone, Episode 10: Mermaid Mania

"If we're going to talk about magical things, we're going to have magical conversations." - Jeff Rusack, 2016


A wise film critic recently said the movies of Stephen Chow (The Mermaid, Kung Fu Hustle) are filled with "absurd goofballery." That's obviously a brilliant term, and this episode follows Chow's lead with plenty of zany goofballery.

In this episode: Host Scott Pukos, along with Time Warner Cable News reporter Bre Fuss and News 8 reporter Jeff Rusack, discuss the Chinese box office smash The Mermaid (minor spoilers), and popcorn-sushi hybids. They also preview upcoming films at The Little.