Mermaids, musicals, and docs: A look at The Little's April programming



Mermaids, musicals, and docs: A look at The Little's April programming

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

A new month means we're getting a new slate of special programming. The April picks are:

April 1: The Mermaid (China's all-time box office champion; from Stephen Chow who also directed Kung Fu Hustle)
April 2: Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words (An interesting, and intimate look at the famous actress' life)
April 2: Boy & The World (Animated film from GKids - it's a musical with no dialogue and creative imagery; it garnered an Oscar nomination for best animated feature)
April 8: Marguerite (French film set in 1920s Paris, the plot follows a wealthy music lover by the name of Marguerite who has a very specific dream)

A key reminder: The above dates are just when the movies open. These limited release films will be at The Little for month-long engagements. Wait, you may be thinking. It's a limited release AND a month-long engagement?! On the surface, that's quite confusing, so allow me to explain. The limited release part means they won't be playing every day. These four films are all in the same theater, so they rotate around available times. While they're limited in that aspect, they will be at The Little for all of April. Check this newsletter and for showtimes. And if you're confused by any of this, please reach out to me! And if you know of any film that you'd like to see (that you can't see elsewhere in the area), please let me know!