Love, music and Valentine's Day fun at The Little



Love, music and Valentine's Day fun at The Little

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

It was well before the part with the swarming bugs, and way before the torture scenes, that I realized Goodnight Mommy was not a good date movie.  I didn't completely have the wrong idea though. The somewhat misleading trailer seemed to indicate this film was a horror film, and the right scary movie can be super for dates (assuming both you and your awesome date both like them). Scary movies are the new rom-com!

But no, the intensity of Goodnight Mommy was the exact opposite of romance. But if this seems like a disaster story, do not worry. I happened to be on my date with an awesome person (aww!), and we turned this tale into a funny anecdote on how to properly select a date movie.

And now, as I bury the lede three paragraphs in, I'm going to tell you something you already know: The Little is a great date spot. We've been nominated (and even have won before) for "best date spot" in CITY Newspaper's annual "Best Of" poll. Having the stellar trifecta of movies, music, and a magnificent meal in one spot certainly helps. I feel my taste is solid, and although I'm clearly super biased, The Little truly is one of my favorite date spots (for current Little movies, the Animated Oscar Shorts, along with Brooklyn, are certainly good date films).

More things to "heart": We have a fun weekend of shows in the café which also are top notch date material (because there is nothing more romantic than tandem air guitaring).

Here's the lineup (with band descriptions further down the letter):

8 p.m. Friday: Pleistocene
8 p.m. Saturday: Passive Aggressives Anonymous
7 p.m. Sunday: Stringplicity

One last bit for those looking to do something extra sweet for someone you adore. Avoid those clichés, and get your dearest a Little membership. If he/she doesn't like it, they're not the one! Just kidding (kind of)! But if they need convincing, check out this video our awesome team created for Valentine's Day.

NEW Valentine Membership Commercial from WillWorkForFame on Vimeo.