A look at 'Five Easy Pieces' plus a panel discussion



A look at 'Five Easy Pieces' plus a panel discussion

By Scott Pukos

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In the summer of 1970, photographer Mark Brady went on a road trip with one of his best friends. The pair traveled across America, and the result was hundreds of pictures. A selection of these photos are now on display in our cafe. They've also inspired one of our latest special events -- one that I'm particularly excited for.

WXXI Connections host Evan Dawson will lead a panel discussion about road trips, and how things have changed in America since Brady's 1970 journey. The conversation begins at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 16 and is followed by a screening of 1970's Five Easy Pieces, starring Jack Nicholson (very old-school Nicholson!).

This photographic exhibit is from the recently self-published book, The Paisley Tunnel, 1970.

I'll note something here that we're doing a little differently. The panel discussion will be before the film. It will last about an hour, which means the movie will begin around 7 p.m. that night. Tickets are on sale now (pricing is the same as our other regularly scheduled movies).

Speaking of tickets on sale, you can now purchase movie passes to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 -- which opens Friday, Mar. 25. Fun fact: the original 2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding had the longest run of any film at The Little -- a massive 36-week stay! I'm writing about it for next week's newsletter, and I'd love to hear from those who helped make the movie such a success at The Little.

Email your Big Fat Greek stories to [email protected]. (I'm realizing how similar my last name is to Portokalos', however, mine is Polish, not Greek.)

The Little will be closed Tuesday, Mar. 15

Due to staff training -- followed by our (slightly belated) staff holiday party -- The Little will be closed Tuesday, Mar. 15. We'll be back for all your movie, music and popcorn needs the following day!

Another fun note: It's time to honor our great members again! Member Movie Matinee (yes, matinee! We're trying something new this time) is Sunday, Mar. 20. Members will get to see a free movie (or two). More details, and information on how to become a member here. We, of course, will be open for non-members that day too.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at The Little!