The Little's New Logo: A Behind-The-Scenes Look

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The Little's New Logo: A Behind-The-Scenes Look


While the Little Theatre has gone through a historic renovation – thoughtfully bridging the Art Deco past with contemporary efficiency – so has The Little logo.
With clean lines and a nostalgic feel, the logo presents a foundation befitting the grand theatre’s renaissance.

Cool, jazzy, structured, worldly – that’s Art Deco, one of the most distinctive design movements of the last century. Although most commonly known for its influence on architecture and interior design, Art Deco lends its sleek modernity over typography with equal elegance.
The Art Deco aesthetic is characterized by graceful, stylized shapes, often in symmetrical arrangements. Art Deco type can be angular or curvy, elegant or playful, but all have the attitude of swank sophistication from that period.
The new Little Logo holds all those traits. Borrowed and reborn from past Little logos as well as the influences of film and advertising in the Art Deco era, the Little logo holds true the typography characteristics of the time:

• Simplicity
• Hard corners and edges
• Smooth, straight lines blended with willful swooping curves
• Nestled lettering and space-saving ligatures
• Geometric influences in individual characters

Its strength is that it takes inspiration from past Little logos but allows for a modern telling.
It is designed to provide optimum use digitally – maintaining clarity, contrast and constancy across all media. There is an immediate recognition of era, of a place. It’s the perfect blend between past and present, which makes for a visually memorable experience – one shared with all aspects of the historic Little Theatre.

-Logo design by Jon Haliniak, the Director of Creative Services at WXXI.