The Little's Historic Theater 1 Returns for Sneak Peek in November 2019; Reopens full-time in 2020

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The Little will reopen Friday, April 16

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The Little's Historic Theater 1 Returns for Sneak Peek in November 2019; Reopens full-time in 2020

We start this incredible week with an update on the status of The Little's theater 1. This Friday's (11/22) Joe Locke concert  will serve as both a celebration of our 90th anniversary, and will also be a sneak peek at the newly restored building. We'll have occasional events in the theater for the remainder of the year (including this week's concert, and a Dec. 19 Watkins and the Rapiers holiday show), but the work won't be 100-percent complete until 2020. At that point, we'll have a grand re-opening celebration and daily films, events, etc. in the space once again. So, while we're excited to showcase the theater once again with concerts at the end of the year, even better things are on the way!

A reminder: This stage of the restoration includes lobby improvements, the installation of an elevator, the addition of two green rooms, a new kitchen, and more. A refresher: The goal of the rehabilitation project is to provide The Little with modern amenities that increase audience enjoyment and accessibility, while staying true to The Little's historic, art deco aesthetic. Rochester's Bero Architecture designed the restoration project. The last Little event we held in theater 1 was an Oscar Party on Feb. 24, 2019, so we're ready for you to return to this iconic space!

Aside from a rocking night with Joe Locke, this week is bonkers (in the best way). A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (11/21) and The Irishman (11/22) opening back-to-back nights is cinematic bliss. We also have another 1999 screening (only three left!), NT Live's Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the best, these are the facts), and a free Indie Lens Pop-Up show.

(Photo via WXXI News)