The Little Temporary Closure Blog: Sharing Your Story + How To Help Out

*Theaters and Cafe dining currently closed to the public*

The Little will reopen Friday, April 16

Cafe Music is temporarily suspended until further notice

Read reopening detailsThank you for you support and patience! Stream movies in The Virtual Little, and consider becoming a member or donating to help us survive!




The Little Temporary Closure Blog: Sharing Your Story + How To Help Out

Well, this is different.

To recap: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), The Little is temporarily closed (read our statement here). But I do have some news: I've started writing a dystopian novel from the perspective of Little Popcorn, so obviously my quarantine time is going WELL.

I'm leading off this note with some levity, but I do want to get serious for a moment. You already know this but please, please, please be safe. Here's a quick link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) page and the World Health Organization (WHO) page, with updates and recommendations. From myself, and the rest of The Little staff, our thoughts are with you during this unprecedented and difficult time.

Because this community is so darn amazing, one of the most frequent questions that was asked was: How can I help The Little out? It's no question this is a dire time for art house movie theaters, and while there are larger concerns in this current climate, we appreciate that people are thinking of our staff, along with other Rochester arts organizations.

So, here is what you can do:

Become a Little Member, or give the gift of Membership (Bonus: You'll be joining the best group of people, and reap the awesome rewards coming your way)

Visit The Little Shop and purchase a gift certificate, dinner + a movie package, or a five-pack of tickets (Bonus: You'll be all set to hardcore binge films when we reopen)

Donate to The Little

We recognize this is a tough time for many. While you may want to help out, it could be difficult financially. We completely understand. If that's the case, you can still assist us. Options include:
Leave a positive Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. review for The Little

Share our social media content, and encourage people to do the same, or post about how others can help The Little

And here's my favorite one. This is going to need some explaining, so be patient with me as I get to the point. When I first started here in 2015, my work computer had a stockpile of amazing, awesome, heartfelt Little stories. My friend and predecessor Pete (hi Pete!) compiled them during The Little's 85th anniversary. I've collected stories as well, and shared them under our Humans of The Little initiative. I'd like to ramp that back up! So, if you have a Little story (could be your first time here, a special memory, or anything really) send it my way at Any pictures to go with the story would be greatly appreciated. You can also send what The Little means to you. It could be long, short, or even one word. We embrace creativity here.

At The Little, we're doing our best to help out as well. With leftover food in the cafe, we donated to those in need. And many of our staff, myself included, have been buying certificates, merch, etc. from our favorite businesses in town.

One final note:: Let's be patient and kind in these times. We're all doing our best! The newsletter will continue to be delivered weekly to your inbox with levity, movie streaming suggestions, and, of course, information.

Take care!

Scott Pukos
Public Relations Coordinator