The Little nominated for best date spot in Rochester CITY Newspaper's 'Best Of' contest


The Little nominated for best date spot in Rochester CITY Newspaper's 'Best Of' contest

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

Allow me to set the scene for you:

You meet your date on East Avenue, and exchange smiles on the large, vegetable-adorned bench outside the Little Theatre.

You work your way back to the Little Cafe next. Your date comments on the sunflowers bloomed outside the entrance. The golden petals look downright beautiful soaked in the last bit of sunlight for the day. 

You hold open the first door for your date, and this person who you adore promptly returns the favor and holds the second set of doors open for you. It's cute, but you two know this because all your friends tell you how adorable you are together. You don't argue with this.

You have some time before your movie starts, so you grab dinner and drinks in the cafe. You're captivated by the art on the walls, and your date catches you grinning at a nearby painting of a cardinal. It reminds you of a movie you saw here during the summer. This movie had a clever plot: Its characters had to find love ... or be turned into an animal of their choosing. This sparks a conversation on what animals you'd choose if you were in this particular world. That turns into a conversation about the worst animal one could be changed into.

"If you really, really think deeply about it, the worst animal is a human. Right? That's the commentary here. Really makes you think," you say.

"Nah," your date replies. "The worst one is definitely a silverfish."

The laughter carries past the concession line -- where you get a large Little Popcorn, a nanaimo bar to share, along with two cups of tea -- and continues into the theater. The comfortable blue chairs with the fancy cup holders are free in the back of theater 3, so you and your date quickly claim them. 

It's halfway through the film, and you get a sudden craving for the largest handful of popcorn you can grab. You dig deep into the bag of buttery perfection, and you can feel the white cheddar flavoring stick to your hand. But there's something else in there too. You look at the darkened figure of your date, and suppress a giggle as your hands meet in the bag of Little Popcorn. You want to kiss your date right in this moment, but you feel it's not the best idea to make out during an independent horror movie about a possibly crazy, potentially demonic mother. Your romantic declaration is momentarily delayed.

You hold hands coming out of theater, and you're drawn back to the cafe with the sounds of jazz emanating from it. It's crowded, but you find a table in the back. You clink your wine glasses together, and you team together to devour a piece of pie. The music ends, so you browse the shelf of board games across from your table. After a spirited game of Scrabble (one where you discover, to your dismay, that, yes, "gherkin" is a real word), you reluctantly realize this date is nearing its end.

Outside, you walk past the sunflowers again, and admire the surprisingly large moon that casts a lovely glow on the flowers (you decide to skip the joke werewolf howl). The two of you cut through the secret passageway that connects The Little's parking lot to East Ave. The lights shine brightly on the brick sidewalk, but you still feel secluded -- in this moment it's just the two of you. Your date must be thinking the same thing -- your partner stops you in the middle of the path and the two of you share a kiss. Just a "Little" kiss your date remarks, and you know, with 100-percent certainty -- this was one of those unforgettable nights.

End scene.

"What did I just read?" This may be what you're thinking. Well, this is my way of telling you The Little has been nominated for "best place to take a date" in CITY Newspaper's annual "Best Of Rochester" poll. I recommend looking closely through the poll -- it contains a lot of reason Rochester rocks! You can find it here.