Little News: Ticket Price Increase


Little News: Ticket Price Increase

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

Starting Friday, Nov. 4, there will be a slight price increase for movie tickets. This will be the first time The Little has raised ticket prices in over seven years. Again, I understand how you may react to this change, but allow me to break this down.

What is changing?

The new prices will be:
Adult tickets (evening shows): $9
Adult tickets (matinee shows): $7
Student tickets: $6
Senior tickets: $6
Military tickets: $6

As you can see, these are slight changes, and even with the small $1 increase, The Little is still one of the most affordable places in town.

What is NOT changing?

We will NOT be increasing prices for membership admission, those will remain the same. Our five-pack "Dinner and a Movie" prices will also remain the same as they are now.

One of my favorite nights at The Little is $5 Movie Monday -- it's a great deal, and I love the idea of a Monday movie night (because Mondays are well-documented bummers). $5 Movie Monday will continue to be just that. Really, the only change is now it's even more of a bargain.

Why the change?

This change was, unfortunately, not 100-percent under our control. As I noted earlier, it's been more than seven years since The Little has increased the price of tickets. In that time, other theaters have increased their ticket prices (as I'm sure you've noticed). This fact is significant because film distributors begin to expect these higher prices from all theaters. As a result, we've experienced pressure from distributors to increase our prices too. Not making the change would put us at risk of not being able to show some of the great films that our audience loves to see. So, we researched this, and came up with a price that's still as low as possible, but will also allow us to screen great movies from all distributors. Again, this change will begin Friday, Nov. 4.

I tried to make this as clear and transparent as possible, but I certainly understand there may be additional questions. Ultimately, you're the people who come here, the people who make this such a fantastic place, so we want you to understand this was a difficult, but necessary decision. Please feel free to respond to me with any questions and/or comments!