Little Library added to Winthrop Street entrance

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Little Library added to Winthrop Street entrance

By Scott Pukos

If you've stopped by our Winthrop Street entrance, or just look at the picture to the attached, you'll notice a new addition to The Little: A library!

Yes, books have been added to the list of things we offer here (along with movies, live music, art, food, drinks, ballet, opera, and eternal friendship). The "take a book, leave a book" free library features books on the arts. It also features a fun back story.

(Flashback music)

Our tale begins with The Little's art curator Zanne Brunner. She wanted to create a free little library in her neighborhood, but luckily for us, her neighbor beat her to this idea. Not deterred by the ambitious neighbor, Zanne decided to shift her attention to a project that would resonate with the arts community -- a group that often visits The Little. 

For additional assistance on The Little Library, Zanne turned to a logical source: her book club. Judy Gohringer, a book club member and painter, along with her husband Peter, agreed to help. The trio took an old kitchen cupboard, turned it vertically, and added a waterproof, metal roof to it. The wooden structure was adorned with ample flair by Zanne and Judy who designed and painted the library.

The library was populated with books on the arts (visual and performing arts, music, poetry, film, etc.) that were donated by Zanne's book club. After a short stint in the lobby outside The Little Cafe entrance, facilities manager Jim Malley installed the library to the wall. Now, this little story isn't over yet. In fact, you can join be part of this whimsical journey. If you have a book that would fit this library, and one you don't mind donating, please free to bring it down during your next Little trip! And of course, be sure to check out a book that catches your fancy!

Thanks for reading, have a cool, pleasant week!