Little Chaplin hangs up his hat


Little Chaplin hangs up his hat

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

I only had a few gulps of coffee in me when I encountered Charlie Chaplin on the sidewalk.

His mask of makeup was fresh, and he couldn't help but toy with his slightly askew mustache. Usually washed in an old-timey white-and-black filter, Little Chaplin was just as colorful this day as the September background.

The Little looked different too -- as if it hopped in a TARDIS, and exited in the heyday of silent film. Current movie posters were replaced with retro ones -- Ron Howard's Beatles doc replaced by Charles Bickford's jailhouse drama Mutiny in the Big House.

A few more gulps of coffee later, and Little Chaplin was flying. Out of The Little he soared -- a majestic flail through the air that landed neatly on a convenient sidewalk mattress.

This was merely take-one for Eric Maira, a.k.a. Little Chaplin, along with the rest of our talented Little filmmakers, actors, and members who helped shoot The Little's latest, and final, Chaplin spot.

That's right! Little Chaplin is hanging up his hat, and shaving the mustache. The Democrat and Chronicle was there for the aforementioned commercial shoot. If you have a moment, I highly recommend checking out their fun article on some talented humans. Related note: Most of these coworkers also worked on a short film called Pet Monkey. You can watch a trailer, and even be a part of Pet Monkey, here.