A Little art, plus the greatest gift of all

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A Little art, plus the greatest gift of all

By Scott Pukos

Walking into the café in December, you'll see faces - lots of faces - looking back at you. These faces are on the wall, and each one has a story.

It's part of our December art exhibit from Cheryl Amati Martin called, "Faces in the Places." I got a chance to speak with our wonderful curator Zanne Brunner this week, and she shared a charming anecdote about this exhibit.

The gentleman in the picture attached with this post is one of Cheryl's "Faces in the Places" and she needed more than just a "say cheese" to inspire that sly grin.

After several rebuffs, the man told Cheryl and her camera: "Why do you want to take my picture?"

She replied: "Because you have a great face."

He answered with a smirk and this response: "Then will you marry me?"

At that moment, she took the picture. It's now -- fittingly -- captioned, "will you marry me." The art will be in our café for the rest of this month (which - believe it or not - is also the rest of the year). Be sure to check it out!

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