The Little and the Passageway of Mystery



The Little and the Passageway of Mystery

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

The Little has a secret passageway. Well, not truly, but that's how I like to think of it. It seems like it has the potential to be magical, with an appropriate amount of Harry Potter whimsy to it. It definitely strikes me as cinematic, and considering it's literally a pathway to a cinema house, that makes sense.

This passageway of mystery and intrigue that I speak of is the one you're seeing at the top of this post. It's a shortcut between theater 1 on East Ave. and theaters 2-5 off of Winthrop Street.

I recall telling people a few weeks ago about this shortcut between theaters. I made the mistake of calling it an alleyway. While I guess it's technically an alleyway, that word conjures an image of a dark, shady and perhaps dangerous place. This Little passageway is far from that -- it's well-lit and I feel it inspires romance more than fear.

I know I've held hands while crossing through this magical pathway to movies, and I'm not the only one. On a picture of this path on our Little Instagram account (which you should totally follow at @TheLittleTheatre), a follower commented that his first kiss with a girl was in this very spot after he took her to see David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method. So, embrace the magic, embrace the intrigue, embrace the passageway!

A Spotlight special

Last week, I wrote about my excitement for the investigative journalism film, Spotlight. I saw it around its opening day, and it did not disappoint. Whether you've already seen it, or plan to, we have a special presentation of the movie on Thursday, Dec. 3. Evan Dawson, the host of WXXI's Connections, will lead a panel with several investigative reporters from the Democrat and Chronicle following the 6:15 p.m. screening in theater 2. Additionally, Spotlight was among the topics on the Tuesday, Dec. 1 episode of Connections. Listen to that conversation here.