A Kitty Story: Kedi screens + send us your cat pics!

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A Kitty Story: Kedi screens + send us your cat pics!

By Scott Pukos

For years I had a future cat. That is to say, I wanted a cat, had a fantastic name picked out (The Great Catsby), and constantly told people, "I'm getting a cat one day!"

That "one day" proved to be elusive as my Catsby (and the monocle I pictured her wearing) continued to live solely in the future.

After a trip to New York City last summer, my girlfriend Meg and I decided it was time ... we would begin the search for The Great Catsby. We loaded up on coffee (and yeah, cheesecake) and headed to Verona Street Animal Society.

We wanted to adopt a kitten, but it had to be the right kitten. He/she would pick us, we said.

As soon as we entered the cat room (which, by the way, would make a perfect sequel to Tommy Wiseau's The Room), we were drawn to the kitten cage. And these kittens were cute enough that I can slide into caps mode -- they were CUTE. They were also sleepy, and quite lethargic at that particular moment. Not a big problem, but it made it difficult to interact them.

We ventured further in the cat room (seriously, can I trademark this?). The adult cats were equally awesome, needless to say, we wanted to adopt them all. But this was a big decision, perhaps we needed time to think about this, I mean, at least a few days. As we prepared to leave, someone called out to us. The high-pitched, almost melodic, mew came from one of the lower cages that we hadn't spotted before. Located there was a mischievous tuxedo kitten who was furiously attempting to get our attention. Once she had it, she parkoured around her cage like the kitty version of Pong. Her eyes were way larger than her face and white patches of fur were spread out around her black coat, including under her chin. Also, I swear she was smirking.

This kitten had picked us. We had located The Great Catsby.

Later, we discovered she only has one kidney, and we had to wait a few days to bring her home. It was a long wait (full of trips to various pet stores), but Monday morning, Meg returned to Verona Street and brought Catsby home. By the way, she (Catsby, not Meg) still zips around the apartment constantly, like a Roomba with a jet pack and fur (especially at 3 a.m.), and I love every second of it.

Don't worry I have a point to this story, aside from melting your heart into gooey chunks of happiness. Cats are the stars of our newest film Kedi, opening Friday (March 10). The trailer is here, and its charm and adorableness simply cannot be denied. I also want to point out a special event we have planned later in the month surrounding Kedi. Details aren't ready, so I have to play this a bit coy for now, but I'll update you shortly! In the meantime, send me your cat/kitten pictures (feel free to include a story of your own)! Send them either by email (my address is below) or via social media. We'll share them on the big screen before our special Kedi screening. This is the star-making break your cat has been waiting for!