June 12 named "Little Theatre Day" as The Iconic Marquee Makes its Return

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June 12 named "Little Theatre Day" as The Iconic Marquee Makes its Return

By Scott Pukos

More than one thousand people partied on East Avenue Monday, June 12, and celebrated the unveiling of the Little Theatre’s newly renovated marquee.

The Little’s marquee reclaimed its place as a visual landmark in Rochester during the festive street party (If you need an idea how festive things were, just know there was swing dancing in the streets ... it was glorious). In a proclamation before the new marquee was lit up for the first time, the City of Rochester named June 12 “Little Theatre Day.”

“This is going to be a beacon for the East End, for the arts,” Norm Silverstein, president and CEO of WXXI Public Broadcasting Council and the Little Theatre Film Society said during the ceremony. “It’s going to show the world that Rochester is a center for arts and culture, and the East End is where it’s at.”

The new marquee is part of a more than $1.5 million in-progress theater 1 historic renovation project. Funding for the remainder of the building is ongoing, with an estimated $250,000 designated for the marquee.

Funding was made possible by generous private donors, along with multiple foundations.

Work on the marquee renovation was completed by Rochester-based Clinton Signs, Bowe Electric Inc. in Webster, and Wagner Electric Sign Co. in Elyria, Ohio.

Ten rows of chaser lights will be added the bottom of the marquee at a later date.

The Little Theatre would like to extend its thanks to all the awesome folks who helped us celebrate this historic day. We adore you all!