Illustration Contest - Winner gets $300



Illustration Contest - Winner gets $300

On Saturday, April 26, we’re hosting an event centered on a film called “Jodorowsky’s Dune.” It’s a cult documentary from an indie underground director who’s really starting to blow up (and is Skyping in that night from Switzerland, which we’re pretty stoked about).

The short version is this film tells the story of the best sci fi movie never made. Here is a link for more. One of the things that really excites people about the film is its concept art – spaceships, aliens, characters, architecture, you name it – all made in this futuristic yet retro, mildly hallucinogenic style.

As a special event for the event, we’re opening an illustration contest to artists to come up with a Jodorowsky’s Dune-inspired piece. It could be anything space-y/Dune-y – aliens, spaceships, whatever.

The staff’s favorite piece will win $300, and will also get the artist’s name, website, etc. and art piece on a Little Theatre pre-show slide for a month (a $1,200 value) and will also get their design printed on a line of limited edition t-shirts.

Here’s the fine print: designs need to submitted as an electronic file to [email protected].  Files should be at least 800 kb, but bigger is always better. We want these to look good on the screen after all, so highest resolution possible is appreciated.  Contest entries must be received by Monday May 5th at noon.

We’ll be putting all the finalists on our website,, and we reserve the right to use these images as promotional tools for the film.

Jodorowsky's Dune - Trailer #1