Humans of The Little: Mr. Robot's Kyle Bradstreet

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Humans of The Little: Mr. Robot's Kyle Bradstreet

By Scott Pukos

USA Networks' hit drama Mr. Robot returns for its second season tonight (July 13), and while you're probably prepping by binging season one and blasting Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" all day, we have another unexpected twist: Mr. Robot has a Little connection!

Kyle Bradstreet  -- the show's co-executive producer -- along with his wife Leslie Seier are from Palmyra. The couple started dating in high school, both went to college in Buffalo, and now have been married five-plus years. We're obviously huge fans of people who find love at The Little, so it's time to share the news peg: Kyle and Leslie were married right here in theater 1 on October 22, 2010.

If you're not caught up, here's USA's summary of the show Kyle works on: "Mr. Robot is a psychological thriller that follows a young programmer (Rami Malek) who works as a cyber-security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night." Just trust me here. it's fantastic.

Back in the spring, Kyle was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule to conduct an email interview with The Little. Below is a partial transcript of that conversation. 

Why did you choose The Little for the special day?

The Little was the perfect fit for our wedding: a historic hometown landmark, a staple of independent art and a slightly unconventional venue that fit our personalities.

Any special memories of The Little?

Our names were on the marquee, an autumn sketch of the two of us was projected on the screen throughout our ceremony, all of our friends and family were there. What more can one ask for?

We’ve had weddings at The Little before that are themed (I interviewed one couple who had a zombie theme). Was your wedding more of a traditional ceremony, or something a little different?

We truly wanted our wedding to be a celebration -- an entire experience of Rochester and Western New York. We had friends fly in from all over the world. Our ceremony was short and sweet, with the lovely and talented Genesee String Quartet providing music both traditional and modern to fit the occasion. We then had a fantastic reception at The Perkin's Mansion just blocks away. The next day, we took all of our out of town friends to Palmyra to see where we grew up -- with campfires, BBQ and spirits for all. It was a memorable autumn weekend in Rochester.

Can you detail your roles(s) on the show a little?

A TV series is the creator's brainchild. My job as Co-Executive Producer on Mr. Robot is to work with the actors and crew to keep creator Sam Esmail’s vision alive -- whether that’s answering questions about scenes and dialogue or bouncing ideas off one another on the fly to make sure a scene works. I'm also involved in script rewrites, production decisions, location scouts, casting. Sam has welcomed and trusted me to help with everything that goes into making a great TV series.

Any other projects in the works, or are you mainly concentrating on the show at the moment?

While Mr. Robot is my top priority at the moment, I'm always writing and have other projects going. I'm a playwright, as well, and I have a new play titled October Eternal being showcased at Gloucester Stage Company on the coast of Massachusetts this summer. I was also a Writer / Consulting Producer on the premium cable channel EPIX's first scripted drama series, Berlin Station, which will premiere in fall of 2016.

Mr. Robot airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on the USA Network.