Humans of The Little: Julie Holzbach

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Humans of The Little: Julie Holzbach

Editor's note: Humans of The Little highlights members, staff, patrons and more who help make The Little a special place. The following was emailed to us, unprompted, by long-time supporter and member Julie Holzbach. Julie graciously agreed to allow us to add this to the Humans of The Little blog. If you have a story you'd like to share, email Scott Pukos at

The first movie I saw at the Little was The Red Shoes. I was 10 at the time. The lounge had a blue faux velvet sofa and there were brushed aluminum, round coffee tables that had blue mirrored tops. That had to be in the early-mid 50’s. Coffee and tea were served in little cups for adults & hot chocolate for the little girls. We were dressed in party dresses for this special treat because we were accompanied by our ballet teacher, Miss Fanny Kroman, who taught us ballet at the Normandy Apts in the ballroom! From that day forward to today, I have loved the Little. Later, when Bill Coppard, the Blanpieds and others purchased the Little and offered memberships, I joined immediately and have been a devoted member since! I’ve never thought they received the accolades they deserved for their forward thinking. It certainly has been a huge benefit to the community.

If films aren’t playing at the Little, I don’t go! I love what the Little offers in films, events, cultural experiences, “One takes”, etc. I’m thrilled that there are five screens. The more experiences to enjoy!!! Even if the seats were never improved or the cafe added years ago, the Little will always have my heart! It’s the best of the best + the best popcorn! Just want you to know how much having the Little means to me, personally and to the community!