How do you eat your Little Popcorn?



How do you eat your Little Popcorn?

By Scott Pukos
[email protected]

Let's talk popcorn. Salty, buttery, life-changing Little Popcorn, that is.

As someone who has consumed The Little's popcorn as a meal multiple times, I feel we have really bonded. While in the opinion of many (including myself) it's the best 'corn, I feel the flavor options we offer help take things to a tasty new realm -- a Flavorworld, if you will. And there's no turning back from Flavorworld.

So here's my question: How do you prefer your Little Popcorn? White Cheddar? Cajun style? Garlic? Cinnamon sugar? Just sugar for a homemade kettle corn? With as much butter as the bag can hold? Or with no extras because that classical flavor can't be touched? There are no wrong answers, of course. So, let's hear it! Send me an email, or comment on our Little social media platforms.

Aside from this bit of popcorn fun, I'll let you get right to the showtimes. Lots of great things this week too, including: The final Little Concert Series show of the year, A Christmas Story in 35mm, The Nutcracker ballet, a MONDO Movie that will get you dancing, a One Take encore, and of course the presence of our Holiday Shop!