A Ghost (and Pie) Story

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A Ghost (and Pie) Story

By Scott Pukos

This is a pie story about A Ghost Story. The film from director David Lowery features Casey Affleck as a ghost (complete with the white sheet and eye holes) and Rooney Mara as a grieving wife. It's a meditation on loss, memory, and time, and has been getting fantastic advance reviews

It also features a buzzworthy scene were Mara devours an entire vegan chocolate pie. It's one extended take of nothing but pie crushing. Well, distributor A24 posted the pie recipe, and we're using this bit of dessert devouring cinema as inspiration for a Little Cafe special. We'll be selling pies inspired by this scene in conjunction with the film's release! So be sure to stop by the cafe before or after the movie for this ghost worthy treat.

Our pies are indeed vegan, but the whip cream ghost is not. He promises not to haunt your stomachs. UPDATE: We're now serving the pies with vegan whip cream as well!