Featured Music Videos Master List

*Temporarily Closed*

Rochester's film community is truly amazing -- a smart, passionate group who help make this a special place. While we love nothing more than for you to find that next magical film under our Art Deco roof with the largest possible bag of Little Popcorn, or to enjoy live music in our cafe, the safety of our guests and employees is the top priority. As a result, The Little has decided to suspend all film/music programming, and temporarily close to the public until further notice.

We continue to monitor updates and adhere to guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the state and county, regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus.

If you've purchased tickets in advance, you will be given the following options:
- Full refund
- Tickets will be honored for a later screening
- Conversion of the ticket costs to a tax-deductible donation to the Little Theatre

We look forward to welcoming you back through our doors as soon as we safely can. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Please continue to check our website for updates: thelittle.org

Thank you,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Little Theatre



Featured Music Videos Master List

Throughout the summer, we have decided to feature a number of music videos from various local artists before select movie screenings! If you happen to see a video that you like and want to know more about the artist, here's a list of all the videos we are showing: 
June 7th, before Tommy: Payton Marovich - Growing Stains

June 8th, before Purple Rain: Jason Hurlbut - J.S. Bach Partita No.2

June 11th, before Bob Dylan: Jon Lewis - Cinnamon Only

June 15th, before Gimme Shelter: The Demos - If You Only Knew

July 11th, before Pink Floyd: The Wall: Passive Agressives Anonymous (PAA) - I'm in the Pool

July14th, before Woodstock: The Mighy High and Dry (feat. Danielle Ponder and Brian Lindsey) - I was Living Here

July 27th, before The Song Remains the Same: Talking Under Water - We Used to Dream

August 3rd, before Avett Brothers: Tart Vandelay - Spin

August 4th, before Avett Brothers: Gold Koa - Little Lost* 

August 17th & 18th, before Dave Chappelle's Block Party and Wattstax: Marc Webster, Glory, Mark 2, Strings for Success & Fivebyfive - Stay in School 

August 27th, before Fiddlin: Uptown Tango - Por Una Cabeza

August 31st, before Fiddling: Sarah Eide - The Bridge Song 

*Streaming link unavailable