Featured Music Videos Master List

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Featured Music Videos Master List

Throughout the summer, we have decided to feature a number of music videos from various local artists before select movie screenings! If you happen to see a video that you like and want to know more about the artist, here's a list of all the videos we are showing: 
June 7th, before Tommy: Payton Marovich - Growing Stains

June 8th, before Purple Rain: Jason Hurlbut - J.S. Bach Partita No.2

June 11th, before Bob Dylan: Jon Lewis - Cinnamon Only

June 15th, before Gimme Shelter: The Demos - If You Only Knew

July 11th, before Pink Floyd: The Wall: Passive Agressives Anonymous (PAA) - I'm in the Pool

July14th, before Woodstock: The Mighy High and Dry (feat. Danielle Ponder and Brian Lindsey) - I was Living Here

July 27th, before The Song Remains the Same: Talking Under Water - We Used to Dream

August 3rd, before Avett Brothers: Tart Vandelay - Spin

August 4th, before Avett Brothers: Gold Koa - Little Lost* 

August 17th & 18th, before Dave Chappelle's Block Party and Wattstax: Marc Webster, Glory, Mark 2, Strings for Success & Fivebyfive - Stay in School 

August 27th, before Fiddlin: Uptown Tango - Por Una Cabeza

August 31st, before Fiddling: Sarah Eide - The Bridge Song 

*Streaming link unavailable