Entering the Month of Horror


Entering the Month of Horror

By Scott Pukos
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There was a time when anything resembling a scary movie was my enemy. Young Scott didn't really watch horror films, but it was fairly innocuous fare that sent me directly to nightmare mode.

Unsolved Mysteries was a frequent entry in the nightmare diaries. The theme song is simultaneously super 90s, and also eerily reminiscent of Halloween's iconic score (we'll be coming back to Halloween in this post). The mystery to these crimes were terrifying mainly because these were unsolved cases. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. To a young child the world seems infinitely smaller than it actually is, so hearing all these stories of child kidnappers and murders on the loose was terrifying. These people could be around any corner! I'm not sure if the show was purposely trying to bathe in the fear-mongering, but Young Scott was mega mongered in fear.

These unsolved enigmas couldn't quite equal the King of Fear for my younger self though. No, the King of Fear was none other than Ernest himself! Ernest Scared Stupid was a nightmare soda, shaken up and exploded in my dreams, staining my brain with a sticky, lingering fear. Just look at these terrifying screen grabs from Ernest's Halloween flick. The villain was a troll who kidnapped kids and trapped them in a cage that I think maybe was made of snot? This creep was basically the grandfather to the Demogorgan in Stranger Things. Pure terror.

Good news: The fear didn't last. Things, as they'e apt to do, changed. Now I love a good horror film, particularly ones that crank up the suspense. It's that pit in your stomach when you don't know what will happen next that I truly love. If you follow our Saturday Night Rewind throwback series with Fright-Rags you know that October is the ultimate SNR month.

TL;DR We're screening a bunch of horror films for Saturday Night Rewind month. They are:

Oct. 13: Night of The Living Dead. 50th anniversary of this classic! Side note: I would absolutely be doomed in the case of a zombie apocalypse. I'd fall into the comic relief role, and well, the comic relief often doesn't make it to the third act...

Oct. 20: Mandy. A Saturday Night Fast Forward. Revenge, cults, gore, and Nic Cage star in this one from the director of Beyond the Black Rainbow.

Oct. 27: Halloween and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers double feature. Play the theme! $13 for both films.