Dancing at The Little, Father's Day Treat, and a Special Lobster Screening

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Dancing at The Little, Father's Day Treat, and a Special Lobster Screening

By Scott Pukos

Sometimes you just need to dance.

This was evident earlier this week at The Little following the screening of our latest One Take Doc -- a film about climate change. Aside from having an impossibly long title, Josh Fox's film teeters a line between being depressingly bleak and gloriously uplifting.

But thanks to a terrific Little crowd (as always), the optimists won out at our screening. Allow me to explain: As the credits began -- with an on-screen musical performance -- someone in the audience ran to the front of the theater and began shouting something.

Now, I didn't initially know what to expect. Why is this person yelling? Should I panic? IS THIS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN YOUR HUNGER FOR LITTLE POPCORN BECOMES INSATIABLE??

But then I heard what he was saying: "This is the audience participation part!"

He then started a super goofy/endearing solo dance. It wasn't solo for long though, as others got up from their seats and joined him. This sight was a pure delight. The dancing was gleeful, fun, and totally awesome.

Being a former journalist, and social media person, I instantly attempted to capture this moment. It turns out it's very hard to get a good photo or video in a darkened theater. Oh well. The dancing wasn't done for Facebook likes or retweets, it was a dance of passion -- a waltz of pure happiness. Kudos to those who capped off a great night with a special moment. And to everyone else, just know you're always welcome to dance at The Little.

Live Movies and a Microphone Episode

A quick note: We'll have a special screening of The Lobster in theater 2 at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 23. The film is one that inspires conversation, so after the movie I'll host a panel with a few special guests (including professor/media commentor Tom Proietti and CITY film critic Adam Lubitow). Basically, it'll be a live version of The Little's podcast, Movies and a Microphone, and I can't wait. You can listen to our recorded episode about The Lobster here. 

Father's Day Special

Dads rock. We all know this. If you want to treat someone who's a dad this Father's Day, we have just the thing: FREE movies. That's right, movies are free for dads on Father's Day (June 19).