BLOG: Lobbying For National Little Day


BLOG: Lobbying For National Little Day

There is a day for everything. For example, National Ice Cream Day falls on my birthday, and that's just days after National French Fry Day. There's a day for Scotch, for wiggling your toes, for pretending to be a time traveler, for bathtub parties, and even a day for toasted marshmallows (sorry normal marshmallows, you didn't make the cut).

Here's the complete list of days, but fair warning, things escalate quickly. Sadly, there is no National Independent Movie Theater Day. So, this is my formal plea to the Day Czar to make this happen - we'll take any day on the calendar (well, we don't want to share with any major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Dyngus Day). And if there is no National Day Czar, I nominate myself for that position. Despite the occasional National Give Scott Bags of Money Day, I promise I will not abuse this power. In the meantime, we do have a day to honor a part of what makes The Little great. And we do it more than once a year! While not nationally recognized (yet), our Member Movie Nights are designed to celebrate and thank our members.

July 22 was my first Member Movie Night, and it was a blast. It was a large success too -- 736 people stopped by for a free film! I had the opportunity to visit all the theaters before the evening screenings, and it was great to meet some of you. Putting a face to a name is always a good thing.

In other news, there is not officially a National Air Guitar Day, but this August in the café, you can air guitar all you want. That's because we'll be debuting Lakeshore at The Little. We're teaming with The Lakeshore Coffee House to bring this concert series to you on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Coming up on Wednesday August 5, we're hosting a group of young filmmakers as part of the Rochester Teen Film Festival.  The young auteurs submitted films earlier this year, and a panel of judges selected the winning works this summer. We'll show those winning films as part of this event.

Additionally, Miss Representation -- the latest special screening in the Metro Justice Film Series  -- is set for Sunday, August 2.  As you can tell, it will be a busy week for us. And remember, our café is open all week too. My summer recommendation is to stop in and treat yourself to some pie (also, hope you enjoyed my shameless pie picture attached to this post). And one more fun fact: National Pie Day is actually in January, and not on March 14 (Pi Day), like one might expect. When faced with a confusing situation like that, it's best to just live every day like it's Pie Day.

See you at The Little!

Scott Pukos
Public Relations Coordinator
[email protected]