Aretha Franklin Documentary, Bonkers Black Hole Film Coming Soon to The Little

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Aretha Franklin Documentary, Bonkers Black Hole Film Coming Soon to The Little

By Scott Pukos

This is rare. We have no new films opening this week, and no movies closing. So it's the perfect chance to look ahead! We have two films opening next Friday, April 19. They're wildly different, but I kind of love that. EDIT: High Life's opening date has been moved to April 26. 

The first film, Amazing Grace (pictured), is literally decades in the making. Shot over two days in January 1972 at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, this Aretha Franklin concert footage is now hitting the big screen -- something that seemed like it may never happen. The footage was lost for decades in technical and legal battles, but now, FINALLY, we can see Aretha at her glorious peak, soulfully belting out iconic songs. Amazing Grace isn't just getting good reviews, it's getting, well, amazing reviews. It's Metacritic score is 95 (out of 100). That's the best score of 2019 for any film (Rotten Tomatoes has a similarly awesome 98-percent fresh rating). And while top-notch reviews are great, this is Aretha Franklin. I already know I'm on-board.

The next film has been described as bonkers, and dear reader, if you know me, you know I dig an off-the-wall zany flick. I'm talking about High Life, from visionary French director Claire Denis. It involves a dangerous mission in deep space, death row inmates, a potentially sinister doctor, and oh yeah, a ship hurtling into the oblivion of a black hole. I found out we are getting High Life on the same day that scientists captured the first ever picture of a black hole! This is what destiny looks like.

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The Little on Connections

The Little's Artistic Director Bri and I were on WXXI's Connections with Evan Dawson this week to discuss "how movie theaters maintain audiences in the digital age." Of course, having amazing people like all you reading this helps a lot with that. It was a fun conversation (our friends from The Cinema Theatre were also on the show). You can listen here.

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